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Scouts have been making a difference in their local communities for many years. Today we continue that tradition, supporting and encouraging young people to give back to society through volunteering, charity work or community-based projects.

Starting to talk about issues, such as mental health, at a young age is crucial to show children and young adults that people face different challenges throughout their life.

Daniel, Cub Leader

We had training in how to recognise dementia and how to give people a little hand if we noticed they were struggling. We went to a demntia care centre and sat and chatted with people.

Marc, Explorer, 17

A Million Hands

As Scouts, we’re always striving to leave the world a little better than we found it. Over the last one hundred years, the issues we’ve tackled have evolved and changed, but our young people’s drive to make a positive impact remains constant. Participating in our A Million Hands programme is one way Scouts can take action and achieve their Community Impact Staged Activity Badge. It provides ready-made activities and programme ideas centred on six national themes, chosen by our young people themselves.

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Our themes

We asked young people to identify six themes that resonated with them then paired them with the charity partners who can help them make a difference.

Protecting our environment

Ending homelesness

Supporting refugees and displaced children

Better mental health for all

Understanding disability

Kindness in every community

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