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Understanding your rights is so important. That’s why we teamed up with the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland to create the Rights Challenge Badge.

The badge features a range of activities and resources to empower Cubs and Scouts (and their leaders) to learn about and understand their rights. It also highlights the incorporation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into Scots law. 

Educating our youth members about their rights, and how to challenge adults when they feel their rights aren’t being upheld, will help them to feel confident taking on challenges throughout their lives.

Callum Holt, Scotland Commissioner (Community Impact)

Introducing our Explorers Rights Challenge Badge!

There is a new resource pack for our 14-18 year old members incorporating community-based, value-based and international activities. It allows Explorers to learn more about human rights and also children’s rights issues in Scotland. You’ll find details in the pack below.

We hope your Explorer Scouts enjoy completing the badge. Please be sure to tell us about it! Just tag us in your badge activities on social.

Who is the Children and Young People's Commissioner?

The Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland promotes and protects young people’s rights of those under 18, or up to 21 if in care, or care experienced.

The Commissioner works to make sure the laws that affect young people’s lives are fair. They also challenge people in power to keep human rights promises they’ve made that make sure young people have all they need to grow up in an environment of happiness, love and understanding.


About the Badge

The Rights Challenge Badge will help Squirrels - Scouts to get to know their own rights, create their own Human Rights shield and learn how to challenge what issues they believe need to change.

We have created a pack with everything you need to do the badge with your Section, including templates. You can download the pack below.

If your Section completes the badge we’d love to hear about it! Just tag us in your Rights Challenge Badge posts on social media and use the hashtag #RightsBadge.

Rights Challenge Badge Resources

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Head to our Resources Hub for more resources.

The badge design

We held a competition, allowing youth members of all ages to come up with a creative design that would be used on the badge. The final design was created by Christopher, a Scout from Clyde Region. Christopher said: “My design put the Human Rights logo at the centre of the badge, as it is already a recognised symbol. Like every Scout badge, my design has the Fleur de Lis on it. I also chose to put a map of the world in the background, because children from across the world should all have rights. I hope all Cubs and Scouts like my design and are all looking forward to earning the Rights Challenge Badge as much as I am."

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