Improving the volunteer experience

We’re excited for you to join us and the other members across the UK on a journey of change, helping to drive the delivery of the Skills for Life strategy. Here you’ll find all the information, tools and resources we’ve shared so far.

The resources below include 5 presentations, providing an introduction of the volunteer experience changes along with a more detailed presentation for each of the four areas of change; A warmer welcome, More engaging learning, Simplifying volunteering and Digital Support. This page will be updated as we progress through the transformation with any new information that has been shared. 

We have some documents below to break down the areas of change, a roadmap of when changes should take place and our volunteer culture. If you need more information you can find out more here.

You can also access the slides, as well as video recording of a run through of the new digital tool, which were presented at our Transformation Conference in early September 2023 below:

Compass Cleansing Update

The UK-wide project to create a new digital experience for managing membership data is underway! The aim is for volunteers to be able to self-serve information, view updates and complete tasks in real time without having to rely on other people, wherever possible. That includes a direct link to our exciting new Learning Platform, meaning that learning records will be updated automatically, in future. The transition to our new system will start later this year and we want that to be as seamless as possible. We know a lot of work has already gone into this, but we wanted to make sure you've checked off the following list and give you some more detail as to why these changes need to happen and how to do so.

Check out our one pager which gives you further details on what you can do now to prepare. 

Areas of Change

This first video explains the context behind the volunteer experience transformation. Vice President, Graham Haddock, introduces the four areas of work that this video series will go into in more detail.

5:30 minutes long.

Video 2 - A warmer welcome

You can find out all you need to know about Warmer Welcomes via our one pager below or our video attached.

A Warmer Welcome


Scouting Operations Manager, Simon Robinson, talks us through the Warmer Welcome process that will encourage a more friendly, inclusive and less administrative experience for volunteers. 

5 minutes long.

Video 3 - Simplifying Volunteering

Find out all about our new roles and structures from our one pager below or the video attached.

Roles and Structures

What will volunteering look like after the transformation? Head of Scouting Operations, Terry O'Neill, talks us through how this process will simplify the volunteering experience and embed a clearer teams and task-based approach.

9:15 minutes long.

See our Team Descriptions below for Groups, District and Regions. 

Group Team Descriptions

District Team Descriptions

Region Team Descriptions

Video 4 - More engaging Learning

You can find out all about how our learning will become more engaging in our one-pager below or the video.

More Engaging Learning

Gillian Caldwell, previous Deputy Chief Commissioner (People), explains how the transformation will provide more engaging learning for our volunteers. Moving to a digital-first approach, training will become easier and more flexible for everyone.

10 minutes long.

Video 5 - Digital support

What will these new digital support platforms do for you? And what will they look like? Graham, shows us a first look at what we can expect from our new digital-first approach to the volunteering experience.

6:20 minutes long.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a selection of FAQ's that may help answer some questions that may have arisen after watching the videos above. 

See FAQ's here


If you have any further questions which are not answered in the information above then please do get in touch with the team.