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For over 100 years Scouting has fuelled futures, fired young people’s imaginations and helped shape local communities across Scotland. 

Your support can make a real difference today.

It will ensure we can continue to change the lives of young people across Scotland, enable us to reach new areas that have traditionally suffered from high levels of deprivation , ensuring that every young person is given the same opportunity, regardless of their circumstances.

Scouting has changed me as a person. I have learned new skills, travelled to new places, and helped out in my own community, which has given me a passion for making a difference to the world.

Sarah, Explorer Scout, 15

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Scouts Scotland Fundraising Charter

Anyone who is kind enough to consider supporting Scouts Scotland can be assured that:

  • We do not sell or share supporter data beyond Scouts
  • We do not undertake any paid door-to-door fundraising activities
  • We do not ask for direct debits on the street
  • We do not ‘cold-call’ people for fundraising purposes
  • We only phone people with whom we have an existing relationship or who have already given us permission to contact them
  • Every communication from Scouts Scotland to the members of the public will always include information on how to opt out from future communications
  • We always stop direct debits or standing orders received from donors if family or friends advise that the donor is vulnerable in some way
  • We always abide by the Institute of Fundraising Code of Fundraising Practice
  • We will keep our fundraising practices under review and we will work with others with the aim of improving practice across the charity sector.

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We aim to keep growing, and keep giving unique opportunities to young people. That's where our Partners' help is key.

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