Zodiac award updated

Zodiac award updated

31 January 2017

Scouts Scotland has updated its Zodiac Award with new requirements and a new badge design.

The requirements for the Scouts Scotland Zodiac Award have not been changed for more than 10 years so following the refreshed programme and introduction of new badges and awards for all Sections in Scouting, it was agreed that the requirements should be reviewed.

The purpose of the Zodiac Award is to encourage outdoor nights away experiences including camping, bivouacs, and expeditions in different – and sometimes unusual - environments at different times of the year.  It encourages and challenges Scout Troops, and Explorer Scout and Scout Network Units to camp more frequently in unfamiliar environments and for different durations.

There are four awards - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum - that each require a different number of night’s away experiences. Each experience must include at least one Zodiac Award Challenge. 

All four awards are now available to all Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scout Network and can be started at any qualifying age.  They remain progressive and require to be done in the following order: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum can either be done after or alongside the Gold Award.

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Sponsorship by TISO

TISO has been a long term supporter of the Zodiac Award and we are delighted that they have continued their sponsorship of this award. 

The badges are being redesigned to include the TISO logo and will be available for purchase soon.  The existing badges are still available for anybody working on the current requirements.