Youth work guidance update 22 July

Youth work guidance update 22 July

As Scotland has moved into level zero this week there are a few changes associated with this that have led to changes in the youth work guidance.

These take immediate effect and are as follows:

Physical distancing is no longer required outdoors for anyone
Physical distancing indoors has been reduced to 1 metre for those aged 12+
All meetings and events involving young people are now without restrictions on numbers and follow a spaced based approach indoors in regard to physical distancing
Scout Groups must maintain the integrity of Group bubbles during residential experiences and not merge with other Scout Groups

Covid Risk Assessments

In Scotland, youth work is still subject to legal differences from the rest of the population, so the Covid Risk Assessment (RA) approval process is still required.

Covid risk assessments should continue to be submitted through the UK process and be approved by District teams for different environments and for different readiness levels - eg an outdoor Covid RA, an indoor Covid RA, a RA for an activity that requires very specific Covid protocols.

It is not necessary to submit separate RAs for every change of venue, if the Covid mitigations would be largely the same. Groups can make any such changes locally.

Groups and Sections that already have approved Covid RAs for outdoor and/or indoor activities, do not require to re-submit them.

For nights away, Covid risks should be incorporated within the event risk assessment and it should be submitted to the District Commissioner with the Nights Away Notification (NAN) form.

The full updated version of the guidance can be found here and we would encourage you to read it carefully.

Stay safe, and have a fantastic rest of your summer!


Graeme Luke
Head of Scouting Operations