Youth work guidance update 19 August

Youth work guidance update 19 August

As you'll be aware Scotland moved to ‘beyond level zero’ yesterday and with that the Scottish Government has decided to archive youth work specific guidance with immediate effect.

What this means is that we no longer have any legal restrictions for the delivery of youth work related activities. However, the revised Scottish Strategic Framework makes it clear that some of the measures, provided for either by regulations or in guidance, will be expected to continue and everyone should continue to act carefully and remain cautious. These are detailed as follows:

Risk Assessments

A District approved Covid Risk Assessment is no longer required, but all Sections must have a risk assessment for all meetings and activities that should incorporate Covid measures. We also recommend that any Section that has not had a Covid Risk Assessment approved at any time in the past should have one approved by the District Commissioner. Your District Commissioner has been asked to reach out to you to provide support.


All meetings and events are permitted indoors and outdoors with no limit of numbers. Physical distancing is not required in any setting.

Face Coverings

Face coverings must be worn in indoor locations by everyone aged 12+. On dedicated (and Public Transport) they are only required for those 12+.


All adult only activities are now permitted with no limit on numbers.

Camps and Residential Activities

All camps and residential experiences permitted indoors and outdoors.

Scout ratios for both indoors and outdoors must be applied.

No limit on numbers in tents or rooms.

No physical distancing is required indoors or outdoors

Face Coverings are required indoors for age 12+ except whist eating and sleeping.

We should continue to act responsibly, be cautious and consider the following:

good hand hygiene and surface cleaning

continued promotion of good ventilation

requirement for face coverings in certain settings (e.g. public transport)

continued compliance with Test and Protect, including a register of attendance at every meeting.

These are significant changes and some young people and volunteers may feel anxious or not ready to engage in face-to-face meetings and their views should be respected when considering how you will deliver and the right time and pace for the re-introduction of face-to-face Scouting.

The full updated guidance document can be found here.

Finally, this has been a challenging 18 months and we thank you all for your continued support and dedication in keeping our members safe.


Graeme Luke
Head of Scouting Operations