World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day

As Scouts, we are always striving to leave the world better than we found it. So, in celebration of World Kindness Day, we’ve teamed up with our A Million Hands partner, British Red Cross, to come up with some top tips for how we can promote kindness in our everyday lives.

Here are 6 actions that you can take today, leaving the world a little kinder than it was yesterday:

Be compassionate – if someone is on their own or not included go out of your way to involve them

Be generous – give your time to help someone else or donate to a worthy cause

Be positive – spread happiness, give compliments, smile and be a ray of sunshine

Be helpful – commit to doing small tasks that would make life a little bit easier for someone else

Be inclusive – treat everyone with respect and appreciate people’s differences.


Over the next four years, as part of our A Million Hands programme, our young people will have the chance to become Kindness Champions and will put the power of kindness into action by:

Acting as role models

Challenging unkind acts

Using their influence to spread kindness

Showing acts of kindness to support local, national and international needs.


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