Will your group make a Promise to the Planet?

Will your group make a Promise to the Planet?

You don’t have to be a scientist to know that climate change is a big deal. As Scouts, we’re committed to finding a global solution because we’re led by young people – and they know whose future is at stake.

In less than 100 days the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) comes to Glasgow, it is a brilliant opportunity for our young people to take a stand and make a difference to the environment. COP26 is an event where leaders and climate change experts from lots of different countries talk about climate change and what countries are going to do about it.

In June we launched Promise to the Planet, a hands-on way for our Scouts to make a difference wherever they live, use their voices to inspire decision makers, and record their actions for the planet. Although this is a new campaign, there will be many things that your group are already doing that link into Promise to the Planet, like going on a litter pick, recycling and more.

#PromiseToThePlanet covers four key areas: recover, recycle, reduce, and rethink. We’ve worked with WWF and other Scouts to suggest a ‘hands-on’ and a ‘use your voice’ action for each area, but it’s up to you what you do to fight climate change. Visit the Promise to the Planet page to find out more and record your action.

Here’s some easy ways to get involved in Promise to the Planet:

Go on a litter pick but while the group are on a litter pick sort out the rubbish into what could be recycled and what cannot. That way we aren’t sending all of the rubbish to a landfill.

Plant some wildflowers. Do a bit of research first and make sure they are flowers that will help your local environment. You could do this as a group in an area near to where your Scouts meet, or at home.

Why not think about how you get to and from your section meetings? Is it possible for people to walk or cycle? (This would also link to the Cyclist Badge.)

Could you encourage your group to pass down jumpers/shirts instead of buying new ones? Lots have been hardly used during the pandemic and this could be a great way to reuse and cut down on costs.

If you’re taking part in any of the Promise to the Planet activities it all links to the Cub and Scout Environmental Conservation badge, so you can tick off your requirements and make a difference.

Tell the world

Why not tweet your MSPs, MPs, or Councillors to show them the environmental work you are doing or to tell them about Promise to the Planet? Or you could invite them along to take part in your environmental work, and get them to make a #PromiseToThePlanet. If you do tweet them, use #PromiseToThePlanet and tag @ScoutsScotland


We have lots of different resources that can help you:

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