Using External Activity Centres and Instructors

Using External Activity Centres and Instructors

30 November 2023

To give our young people a varied and balanced programme, groups often book visits to Activity Centres or use Instructors outwith ScoutingThis can make a fantastic addition to our programme and the overall experience that our members have, but it’s important to make sure any providers meet the standards required by The Scout Association. 

When booking with activity providers, it is the responsibility of the Section Leadership Team and their line manager to make sure any they hold a relevant qualification or accreditation for delivering that activity, in line with the requirements of The Scout Association, as well as public liability insurance. 

The Scouts UK Directory of Activities lists the permits or qualifications required to deliver all of our programme activities, including what qualifications any external activity centres or instructors need to hold. Be sure to check this list before booking with external providers.  For more information, the rules governing this can be found in Policy, Organisation and Rules, Chapter 9. 

For example, to meet our requirements to offer canoeing an external activity centre must either have an AALA licence or the activity must be delivered by or under the responsibility of somebody with a Coach Award.  

Activity providers must provide evidence of holding a public liability insurance policy which covers their activities to a minimum level of five million pounds. Please make a point of asking for a copy of their public liability insurance certificateAny queries on this can be discussed with Unity Insurance. 

If you have any questions or concerns around this, please do reach out to our Outdoor & Adventure Commissioner, Pamela Walls.