TIE campaign founders to run AGM workshops

TIE campaign founders to run AGM workshops

02 October 2017

This theme of this year's Scouts Scotland AGM event is inclusion, so we asked our Development Advisor (LGBTI), Ross Donald-Hewitt, to tell us more about the sessions he will be running with the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) Campaign.

"Inclusion is the ideal theme for this year’s AGM.  As we work together to ensure that Scouting at all levels better reflects our communities, this is a valuable opportunity to ensure we are welcoming to members from all backgrounds whilst providing the best possible support to young people and adult volunteers.  For me, it is also a chance to raise awareness of the issues faced by our LGBTI young people because, as volunteers, we are often uniquely positioned to provide them with the guidance and support they require.

"That’s why I’m delighted to have the chance to run a couple of workshops with TIE Campaign founders, Jordan Daly and Liam Stevenson. If you haven’t come across this campaign already, its main aim is to achieve a fully inclusive education system free of prejudice against LGBTI young people.

"Jordan and Liam built their campaign from the grassroots to national level, and are now taking their message directly to politicians. They have taken time out of their campaign to help us deliver two of our workshops at this year’s AGM event.

"During the Scouting Welcomes and Supports LGBTI Young People session, they will give a flavour of the challenges that face LGBTI young people every day and help us consider how we can better support them through Scouting. This session will help demystify the terms associated with LGBTI and give practical advice that will help you ensure that all young people in Scouting feel safe, valued and welcome.

"For the Young People Campaigning session, Jordan and Liam will use their personal experience of developing their own campaign to help us support our young people to identify issues that are important to them, devise their own campaigns and have an impact locally. This session will also show how young people developing their own campaigns can help them achieve their Community Impact Staged Award whilst making a positive impact in society.

"If you want to come along to either of the workshops, book your place at this year’s AGM and choose your preferred workshops on the booking form."

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