The way we access our PVG certificates is changing.

The way we access our PVG certificates is changing.

09 October 2023

Disclosure Scotland is moving to the issue of electronic rather than paper PVG certificates, with immediate effect.

From now on, applicants will view disclosure results online, instead of receiving paper certificates. You will have to verify your identity to set up an online ScotAccount to access the result. We believe the ScotAccount will allow you to access other public services too.

You should continue to apply for a PVG as we do just now - none of that is affected. However, once Disclosure Scotland processes an application, the applicant will receive an email from them. The email will have a link in it, plus the application reference number. When you click on the link, you will be asked to set up a ScotAccount and sign in. You will then be taken to your disclosure results.

The Safe Scouting team was advised by Disclosure Scotland, at the end of last week, that we are moving over to this system straightaway. You will not receive paper PVG certificates for any applications, from now on.

More details are available here.