The South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project

The South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project

13 June 2022

The South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project works to increase the population of golden eagles in southern skies by releasing young eagles relocated from the Highlands and Islands.

They have an outreach programme Eagle Champions, a partnership with Scottish Scouts which kicked-off in 2018 with Innerleithen Cubs.

Eagle Champions is an occasional badge on offer to Cub groups with the purpose of engaging young people with this magnificent species and crucial conservation work on their doorstep. They're calling all groups in the south of Scotland (Borders, D&G, Ayrshire and Lanarkshire) to take part but also open to groups elsewhere in the country who are interested.

To achieve the badge, Cubs are tasked with completing 3 activities. The South of Scotland Eagle Project will attend groups to introduce the project and run the first activity. Groups are then asked to self-deliver the remaining two activities but the project can help with session plans and materials. This is flexible and they're more than happy for groups to come up with their own activities and link to other badge work.

Participation is free and the project will provide the badges.

Contact Philip at the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project to get started or for more information email or visit South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project.