The Scouts Census 2024

10 November 2023

Supplementary Information for Groups, Districts and Regions in Scotland

Further to information about the forthcoming annual census shared with Regions and Districts in October and with Groups and Units in November, we need to give you some supplementary information for how this will work in Scotland.

The timing of the census has been brought forward slightly so as to complement the roll out of the new membership system.  For Census 2024, we are being asked to complete the Census based on the day in January that we complete our returns, rather than 31st January. As we prepare to move to our new digital system, any adult data needed to support the Census should be taken from Compass before the 1st February.

The census itself will close for all levels on 14th February 2024.  To aid this, the census will open earlier on 20th December 2023 with passwords being distributed in the second week of December. 

The information that will be requested is the same as from this year and we recommend that you start gathering the information you’ll need now so that you can complete the census on time.

As has been recent practice, there will be questions about ethnicity, religion and disability, which really help us to understand how well we are doing at offering Scouting to diverse communities.  Whilst ‘prefer not to say’ will remain an option, we would appreciate it if you can gather and record this diversity data as accurately as possible. Being clear that we keep data safe and that it will remain anonymous may help in the gathering of this important data.

Membership Fee

The membership fee for Scouts in Scotland is £40 (or £39.50 with prompt payment to Scouts Scotland by 15th April 2024).  This fee includes the UK HQ membership fee of £38 (£37.50) published elsewhere. This fee includes all of the services provided by Scouts Scotland and UK headquarters.

There may be additional fees levied by Districts and Regions to cover the cost of services provided by them.

Important Dates

In order to achieve these dates for completing the census and the payment of fees, you should observe the following dates: -



Groups and Units Census Complete and Approved

31st January 2024 or sooner

Districts Census Complete and Approved

5th February 2024 or sooner

Regions Census Complete and Approved

10th February 2024 or sooner

Scotland Census Complete and Approved

14th February 2024 or sooner

Payment of Fees to Districts

31st March 2024 or sooner

Payment of Fees to Regions

8th April 2024 or sooner

Payment of Fees to Scouts Scotland*

15th April 2024 or sooner


* Invoices will be sent to Regions by Scouts Scotland on 1st April 2024. An earlier confirmation of amount due will be sent once the census has closed.

Support for the completion of the forthcoming annual census is available from Scouts Scotland as well as your Districts and Regions.