Squirrelling Around

Squirrelling Around

08 November 2021

Since the exciting launch of Squirrels in September, the Scottish Dreys have been steadily joining the party.  There are currently 16 Dreys that have been given permission to start in September and November, with another 10 scheduled over the January and March Cohort start dates.  These are within East, Forth, South East, West, Clyde and North East Regions.

There have been exciting programmes following the Squirrel Programme, involving stories and crafts, outdoor activities and general fun in their flash of Squirrel Red.

Groups have been embracing the challenge of setting up Dreys to attract those who would not normally get involved in Scouting and those in lower SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation) areas.  These have involved Groups within a District working together to provide a shared experience for new Squirrels before signposting them to the most appropriate Beaver colony for that young person, and working with a ‘buddy system’ to support the start of a Drey in a neighbouring lower SIMD area.  Lots of thinking outside of the box is going on!

Remember, there is a strict start up process that needs to be followed in order to start a Drey at your group:

GSL meets with DC to discuss enthusiasm and practicalities and agree a timeline for targeting provision

GSL completes the readiness checklist

GSL complete online expression of interest form

DC confirms approval

A start up Cohort is allocated to the group, where they will learn of all the practicalities of starting the Drey and gain support for the initial stages of the project

This process can be found detailed here.

If you have any questions about the start-up of Squirrels in your Group, please contact amy.douglas@scouts.scot who will be able to assist you or point you in the direction of your local Squirrel advisor.