Skills for life | Our new strategy

Skills for life | Our new strategy

Today we are incredibly proud to introduce our new strategy - Skills for Life: Our plan to prepare better futures in Scotland 2018-2023.  This is a key moment for Scouts Scotland, setting out our plan for the next five years, inspired by a bold new vision:

By 2023 we will have prepared more young people with skills for life supported by amazing leaders delivering an inspiring programme. We will be growing, more inclusive, shaped by young people and making a bigger impact in our communities.

Skills for Life is a strategy that supports and empowers both young people and volunteers. It’s a strategy to bring communities together and contribute towards a better society.

Building on success and working together

The new plan, which is introduced alongside our new brand and visual identity, will help us prepare even more young people with the skills they need to succeed in life while making a positive impact on society. It builds on the work of our previous strategy, and we will continue to focus on each of our four key strategic areas, helping Scouting grow, become more inclusive, youth shaped and making a bigger impact in local communities.

Key initiatives

Greater support for volunteers

A renewed focus on improving volunteer recruitment, training, and support; as well as aiming to recruit more adults from a more diverse range of backgrounds.

Ensure closer links to employability skills

Work together with education agencies (such as UCAS and Education Scotland) to improve their understanding of what Scouts achieve and also help young people to better understand and articulate the skills they have developed. Refresh our current programme for 14-25 years ensuring that it is youth-led and relevant to young people.


Continue to ensure that our demographics better reflect society in Scotland, with an aim to work closely with local communities to open more groups in areas deprivation, remote and rural areas and in new communities.

Explore an early year’s provision including looking at Scouting in Schools

Researching, piloting and evaluating different models to extend Scouting to under 6 year olds. Finding ways to support and deliver Scouting in schools that complements Scouting already in place in that community.

Outdoor Adventure

Develop our outdoor activity centres as centres of excellence to support our programme but also to provide a resource to the wider outdoor community.

A new brand

A new brand focussing on skills for life, which reflects a more relevant image of Scouting in a digital age, while still retaining our strong heritage, including the fleur de lis.

Katie Docherty, Chief Executive, Scouts Scotland said:

“I am proud to be launching Scouts Scotland’s new strategy. Our continuing popularity means that Scouting has a powerful and important role in our local communities. We want to ensure that Scotland is the best place for young people to grow up in and we believe that Scouting plays a key role in achieving this by helping to bring communities together and by championing inclusiveness, social mobility and civic participation. This is at the heart of our new strategy, which is all about preparing young people for their futures by equipping them the skills that they need to succeed in life - practical skills, character skills and employability skills.”

Moray Macdonald, Chair, Scouts Scotland said:

“We want to see Scouting better reflect Scottish society and that means opening and supporting new groups in remote and rural communities, in areas of deprivation and in new communities. We want to make the biggest difference to young people’s lives and to do this we need to recruit more young people and volunteers from different backgrounds so that we can develop Scouting that complements and supplements the current provision.”

 “Our new strategy is ambitious, it shows our clear intention to contribute to a better society but most importantly it is a strategy for our young people. They deserve the best skills, the best support and in short the best possible start in life.”

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