Skills courses for Managers and Supporters

Skills courses for Managers and Supporters

08 April 2019

The Scout Association has introduced a new programme to provide more focused training and support for Managers and Supporters, to better support them in their roles.

This new scheme consists of Getting Started Training, Training for all Appointments and a variety of Independent Learning Units. You can find out more about this training on The Scout Association website.

New Leadership and Management training

Skills courses

Once all the above elements are completed, Managers and Supporters have the opportunity to attend one or more Skills Courses to practise skills with their peers and develop their leadership and management styles. These events are open to Group Scout Leaders, Assistant Group Scout Leaders and Commissioners who are working towards their Wood Badge, or current Wood Badge holders who would like to update their skills through ongoing learning.

The Independent Learning and Skills Courses relevant to your role can be found in Appendix 4 of the Adult’s Personal File for Managers and Supporters.

Adult’s Personal File for Managers and Supporters

Course details

Skills of Management

This covers areas such as leadership styles, team building, motivation, effective communication, active listening, induction and reviews. This two-day residential course will run at three locations.  (Your Group, District or Region is likely to pay this, depending on local arrangements).

Templars Park, Aberdeen, 11-12 May 2019, book by 12 April 2019

Fordell Firs, Dunfermline, 16-17 November 2019, book by 11 October 2019.

Meeting the Challenges

This covers topics such as how to tackle difficult reviews, disputes, suspension, complaints and managing safeguarding incidents. It costs £5 per person and is a single day event. You can attend this course at three different venues.

Future dates to be confirmed.

Achieving Growth

This covers topics such as growth, development planning and the recruitment and retention of young people and adult volunteers. It costs £5 and is a single day event. Click on the appropriate venue, to book and pay online.

Future dates to be confirmed.