Scouts Scotland Digital Sessions

Scouts Scotland Digital Sessions

09 February 2021

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our online sessions for Cubs, older Beavers and younger Scouts.

From learning about musical instruments to becoming a trainee secret agent, we've got loads of fun activities planned to keep your Scouts Scouting at home!

Sessions will take place on Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm, with bookings closing at noon on Mondays. 

Signing up is easy! Just use the links below.


Dates and Sessions 

Tues 30th March @ 6.30pm – Space and Astronomy

12 people have walked on the moon. 11 of them were Scouts. Expand your horizons and reach for the stars, as you get to grips with our mind-boggling universe and beyond with Dr Weijmans of St Andrews University’s School of Physics and Astronomy.  

If you’d like to do some stargazing meantime it is one of the many activities available online as part of The St Andrews University Science day on Saturday 6th March - to take part follow @StAndEngaged on Facebook and Twitter.

Booking Opens on 24th March

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Previous Sessions

Not able to attend? Don't sweat it! Check out our previous session below!

StAMP (St Andrews Music Participation) 

Join the StAMP team for an interactive session that will introduce you to the world of brass instruments: discover how they’re played, the science of how they work, and their long (20,000 years!) history. Be prepared to join us in some body percussion, music games, and even learn how to make your own brass instrument.

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Fairtrade Foundation

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight! In this webinar, Claire Arnott from the Fairtrade Foundation explores this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight theme – Climate, Fairtrade and You. Join us to find out how YOU can make a difference to farmers and workers worldwide, and the planet we all share.

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Secretive Secret Agent Agency 1

Enter the world of espionage and join the Secretive Secret Agent Agency! As a trainee agent, you'll discover the skills required to become a spy, including cracking codes and enhanced observations abilities. 

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Secretive Secret Agent Agency 2

Continue your agent training with the Secretive Secret Agent Agency. This week you'll learn how to be resource ready and master some advanced cartography techniques!

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Tue 16th March @ 6.30pm – Scottish Mountain Rescue. 

How do you prepare for an adventure? What should you do in an emergency? In this interactive meeting, Vice-chair of Scottish Mountain Rescue and Explorer Leader, Kevin Mitchell, will share some of his 30 years of experience of the Scottish Mountain Rescue!

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Tues 23rd March @ 6.30pm – Secretive Secret Agent Agency 3

 In the last leg of your Secretive Secret Agent Agency training, you'll be learning the most advanced level of spy skills, in preparation for your first solo spy mission - should you choose to accept it.

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Looking for some more?

Our friends at Scouts Cymru are inviting all Scouts Scotland members to join in on their digital sessions!Check out the link below for information on upcoming sessions!

Scouts Cymru Sessions