Scouting at home -Scientist Badge

02 July 2020

Groups across Scotland have been coming up with inventive ways of completing badges online. We caught up with Barrie from the 46th Fife (Cowdenbeath) to find out how they did the Scientist Badge with their Cubs.

After 12 weeks with no face to face Scouts we had to think about how do we keep the Cubs integrated and engage. It's tricky trying to badge work via zoom calls at home, we decided to work our way through one of the badges that we usually do in the hall - Scientist badge.

Parents and carers were informed of the activities we were going to do so they could make sure they had the items in the house for the Cubs. We made decided to spread the badge over two nights,each started with a warm up game or activity before we moved onto the badge work. 

We started of with a self inflating Balloon which was to demonstrate what happens when Gases (Soft Drink) were mixed in an enclosed space(ie the Balloon).We had mixed reactions with the experiment with some balloons inflating while others did not but this allowed us to discuss why this had happened. 

The cubs then put their engineering skills to the test by building a free standing tower using the equipment the parents supplied - mostly Spaghetti and marshmallows.

On our second night we started with an energetic game to see how the pulse reacts to exercise.

We then had a couple of bases using Origami using paper as the main source. The Cubs made an emergency cup and tried to work out why paper could hold enough water to drink (and not leak).

The second item was to build a constellation cube which showed the stars in the sky and the cubs then discussed different items of space(Gases / Planets / moons). 

We as leaders have set out to try and run the badges from home the same way as we would run them in the hall. It's been great to see the group continue to have fun and learn new skills.