Scouting at home blog | Zoom cooking challenge

Scouting at home blog | Zoom cooking challenge

Groups across the country have been embracing at home and online Scouting. We spoke to Chris at the 51st Dennyloanhead Scout Group to find out about the zoom cooking challenge that they’ve been doing.

We had started doing some fun zoom meetings and were looking to see what badge requirements could be adapted to be done at home.

One that we found that sounded like fun was ‘Lead the cooking of a meal for the group’ (Scouts Outdoor Challenge, 11.f). The Scouts were really excited by this, so we decided that we would have a different Scout lead the cooking of a meal through zoom every second week.

The Scout leading gives us the list of ingredients needed for that week for us to send out to all parents around 10 days before so everyone can make sure they have the ingredients or add them to the list for their usual shop.

Everyone then prepares the meal following the instructions of the leading Scout. So far, we have made hot dog spaghetti, and sausage spirals with potato wedges. Next up is sweet and sour chicken.

Running this has worked well with great involvement from the Scouts. Everyone needs to make dinner anyway, so parents have been happy to supervise when they get dinner out of it too. It also happens to be an easy programme night for leaders!

We’re looking to expand on this for our group virtual camp where each meal over the weekend will be led by the Scouts.

My biggest tip for a zoom meeting like this is making sure you ask the Scouts to mute themselves while the Scout leading the cooking is talking, otherwise it’s very difficult to hear anything. Scouts can unmute themselves to ask questions.

Every other week we are continuing zoom meetings covering other badge requirements, games, bingo, escape rooms and this week we have a guest speaker. We also set a weekly challenge that the Scouts can complete at home.

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