Scottish Development Fund updates

Scottish Development Fund updates

05 December 2017

The Scottish Development Fund team has made some changes to the funding application processes, following feedback from Leaders across Scotland.

What has been changed?

  • Start-Up Grants for all Sections (excluding Network) will now be funded through the Scottish Development Fund. You can apply for up to £400 for start-up costs or apply for a box of equipment to help start up a new Section.
  • There are now two forms for Standard Grants, but the criteria have not changed significantly - the focus of this grant is still development. We’ve created one form for Groups and Districts and a separate form for Regional and National projects. This change makes each form clearer and easier to use.

Funding available

We still have funding to give away, so please apply if you have projects in mind that need some financial support.

The next deadline for applications is 1 February.

Download the updated application forms