13 March 2023

Roverway is a European event for Scouts and Guides aged 16-22, which takes place every 3-6 years.

The next Roverway will take place in Norway in summer 2024, and UK Scouts is organising a contingent of participants and International Service Team (IST). Scouts Scotland has been invited to send up to four patrols by the UK Contingent.

Roverway is the only European Scout and Guide event aimed at young people aged 16-22. The event is organised by the European Scout Region and WAGGGS, taking place every 3-6 years.
The aims of Roverway include promoting intercultural learning and exchange, and to enable meaningful youth leadership opportunities.

Roverway is unique in its patrol structure, empowering Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders to organise their patrols and their ‘path’: an exploration of the host country with patrols from other countries.

The most recent Roverway took place in the Netherlands in 2018, and Scouts sent a contingent of 232 participants.

Roverway has been held 6 times in the past:
“Opposites Attract”, Netherlands 2018
“On the road”, France 2016
“See, Feel, Follow”, Finland 2012
“Open Up”, Iceland 2009
“Dare to Share”, Italy 2006
“People in Motion”, Portugal 2003

The event is divided into three parts:

1. A semi-independent exploration in Southern Norway.

During the first five days, participants will explore a self-chosen ‘path’ in locations such as Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Aalesund. Our UK patrols will join patrols from other countries to complete their chosen path, under the supervision of International Service Team (IST) and Norwegian Scout Groups.

One of the highlights of Roverway is the opportunity for young people to truly shape their experience – and the paths will cater for many different interests.

2. A jamboree-style main camp experience near Stavanger.

All the patrols join for a large camp near Stavanger. Stavanger is often called “the gateway to the fjords”, and its location on the west coast affords it access to some of Norway’s most iconic scenery.

The camp is a chance to share stories from their paths and to take part in a programme of activities with young people from across Europe and beyond.

3. A post-event experience for the UK Contingent.

Participant Recruitment
Participants must be either Explorer or Network members, born between 1 August 2002 and 22 July 2008.

Participants will be arranged in patrols of 5-8, including a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader born before 2 January 2006.

Patrol Leaders/ Assistant Patrol Leaders MUST:
PL and APL (18+) require a full adult appointment with training and PVG. Those who are 18+ and are not in a PL/APL role do not require an adult appointment or PVG.

• There must be at least 2 members of each Patrol over the age of 18; • Both the Patrol Leader (PL) and Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) in each Patrol must be over the age of 18 by 1st Jan 2024 (to allow for training/vetting); • Both the PL and APL will need to hold an Adult Appointment; • Where there is an under 18 in a Patrol (by date of event), there must be a minimum of 2; • Under 18s and over 18s must have separate sleeping arrangements throughout Roverway; • All participants should receive training Safe From Harm and Healthy Relationships training prior to the event; • There will be a level of additional training for PL’s and APL’s, which may be delivered virtually or through the face to face PL Academy.

What's happening next:

Should Scouts Scotland accept the invitation to participate, the tight timeline set out for registration means that application forms and selection would happen through March and April so please keep an eye out for further communications.

Participant Costs:

The UK Contingent Roverway Costs are still to be confirmed in liaison with the Norway Roverway Team.

There will be a Scouts Scotland additional fee element to allow for two training camps to take place in Scotland.