Rather Regal Challenge - Chair Exercise Extravaganza

Rather Regal Challenge - Chair Exercise Extravaganza

28 April 2022

We’re delighted to be supporting Clyde Cub Heather with her Rather Regal Challenge!

As part of the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Heather is asking us all to take part in activities over the month of May, alongside our older friends and family. Throughout Covid 19, Heather has been providing online videos and exercise classes to care home residents and we are getting behind her on her biggest challenge yet!

Heather hopes her Rather Regal Chair Exercise Extravaganza helps Beavers and Cubs mark the Platinum Jubilee of HM The Queen by building better connections across the generations.

Heather said:
“My gran passed away not that long ago, When she lived in the care home, she did chair exercises and I wanted to help her and the other people there, so I did videos and made crafts. The Jubilee is a big occasion and I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to celebrate it. Scouts is amazing at helping others and I’d love for Scouts everywhere to take part!”

Scotland Commissioner for Community Impact Callum Holt said:
“Heather is an incredible young person. Her determination to help others is huge and I’m delighted that she’s made this activity pack with us to give Beavers and Cubs across Scotland another chance to make a difference in their communities. We know the last few years it has been difficult if not impossible to be in our communities as we would like to be. With the launch of this challenge, I hope young people across Scotland will take part and rebuild those important connections to their local community.”

How to get involved

The Extravaganza takes the form of 21 simple exercises to be done, one a day over three weeks, finishing with a joint final session to mark the Jubilee, either by visiting a local Retirement or Care Home, or with the young person’s relatives.

The weekly exercises and timeline of the Extravaganza can be found here! To accompany the exercises, there's also a series of craft activities for your young people to do in each of your weekly meetings. These include Jubilee-themed decorations for the final session!

Group leaders, you can find a briefing document with more details on how to get involved here

If you're planning for your Beaver Colony or Cub Pack to visit a Retirement or Care Home for the final session, leaders should contact the home to arrange the visit at least 4 weeks before the visit. More information can be found in the briefing document above. 

Heather’s challenge will finish with a live stream on Friday 27th May on her YouTube channel which can be found here. The joint session video will not be available until the 27th of May. We know not everyone will be able to make the closing event at the time but the video will still be available online after the live event.