Q&A | Our Zodiac camp at Meggernie

Q&A | Our Zodiac camp at Meggernie

09 March 2017

Some of Kilmacolm Scouts have been working towards their Zodiac Award and chose to stay at Meggernie National Activity Centre so they could meet some of the badge requirements. We asked them what they got up to on their camp.

What did you do during your camp at Meggernie?

We did a hike to find both the sun and some snow and we took advantage of the centre’s traversing wall. In the evening we made paracord creatures and watched a film. We learnt the merits of stoves that burn different fuels and how quickly they boil water. We also learnt how to light a fire using a fire striker when everything is damp and cold and it’s snowing

What is it about Meggernie that made it particularly suitable for the Zodiac Award requirements?

It offers a sheltered campsite close to the centre buildings making it ideal for a winter camp. The warm centre offers a “plan B” if conditions become too harsh during the night. It also gives the younger Scouts, who slept in the centre (and are not yet completing their badge), something to aspire to if they see the older ones camping out and enjoying themselves.

Have you visited Meggernie before or was this your first time?

This is an annual visit to experience walking in the hills in winter conditions and have fun in the snow. One year we might actually get snow!

What did the Scouts enjoy most about their time at Meggernie?

Walking in the hills and cooking breakfast on Trangia stoves.

Did the group learn anything new or challenge themselves in any way during their stay?

The young people learnt how to pace out 100m and traverse the climbing wall. The Scouts camping out discovered you can camp in winter and not be cold.

What did you enjoy about Meggernie as a Leader?

The centre is well equipped and set in stunning scenery. The wardens are very friendly and welcoming.

Overall, what were the highlights of the camp?

Seeing a Golden Eagle fly low over the campsite!

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