Programme idea | Make a Stress Ball

Programme idea | Make a Stress Ball

27 February 2017

Studies have shown that older age groups, for example, Scouts or Explorers, are most likely to choose to address mental health issues through A Million Hands or community projects. So, if you'd like to engage our younger sections with mental health issues but aren't sure where to start, our A Million Hands charity partner SAMH has come up with some great activity ideas to include mental health as part of your programme.

This activity suggestion is a great way to prompt discussion about what negative feelings young people might have and how to overcome them. It's an activity that can also be adapted easily for the older sections as well.

Make a stress ball

Activity: Make a colourful stress ball out of a balloon.

Suitable for: Beaver and Cub Section

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to do it

Using your mouth or a pump, blow air into the balloon so that it inflates and stretches. Let the air out.

Using the funnel, fill the balloon with flour. Make sure you’re holding the end of the balloon to avoid making a mess. Stop when you reach the neck and tie the knot to stop the flour getting out.

Take another balloon and cut most of the neck off using scissors. Stretch the second balloon over the first – this second layer will help prevent the flour escaping if a hole appears.

Add some hair, draw on a silly face, or decorate any way you wish!


Two Balloons
Some flour
A wool for hair (optional)
Sticky tape or glue
A marker pen
An empty plastic bottle
A little paper or a funnel


This activity links with the following badges:

Creative Activity Badge (Beavers)
My Skills Challenge Badge (Beavers)
Our Skills Challenge Badge (Cubs)


Young people are able to identify signs of stress in themselves and others and know how to help them.

Young people are able to identify signs of stress in themselves and others and know how to help them relieve stress.


Young people can discuss what stress means to them, how to recognise the signs that they’re feeling stressed, and what helps them to relax.

Get involved

Send us your pictures of your section doing these activities or share your work on social media #communityimpact.

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