Our Scouting Story | The Hernandez Family

25 September 2018

We’ve been talking to parents to find out more about the positive impact Scouting has on their children’s lives. Mum Marie tells us how Scouting is developing resilience in her two sons Luis (11) and Carlos (9).

Through Scouts, our sons get to do things with their peers that they would never get the opportunity to do just through school.

They are exposed to lots of different activities and opportunities to achieve awards and badges in a cross range of subjects. They also have the chance to develop team skills and build relationships with both their peers and adult volunteers.

The key thing is the chance to develop resilience. Nowadays, so many elements of a child’s life are structured.

The play is so structured. School is very structured. Even the playground. Yet, Scouting provides that safe, supervised space for children to be free to try new challenges and push boundaries.

Both my boys have had to face challenges like camping in the rain or simply just persevering with something they didn’t enjoy initially or were afraid of.

I think that’s really important because they will need to be able to deal with challenges when they’re in the world of work. Scouting gives them the chance to develop coping strategies and resilience from a young age.

This is especially important for my eldest son who has high-functioning autism. He’s been in Scouting for around four years since he joined Beavers. There have been times when he’s wanted to give up, and it could have been easy to let him chuck it all in, but instead he has persevered, and as a result, has learned how to manage his frustration better and become more resilient generally.

He has become more confident about letting people know about his condition and about speaking out or approaching Leaders if a particular activity doesn’t suit him.

Without Scouts, my sons’ lives would be boring! They definitely wouldn’t be as active or spend so much time outdoors. There are so many things they wouldn’t have had a chance to do if they hadn’t gone to Scouts.

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