Our Scouting story | Marilyn & David

Our Scouting story | Marilyn & David

27 July 2017

We love seeing young people realise their potential through Scouting, so we caught up with Marilyn who told us how much her son David has flourished since joining Cubs.

Marilyn and David

“My son David is 9 and he wears a hearing aid. He’s profoundly deaf in one ear and has a little hearing in the other but he can use British Sign Language and Makaton to communicate.

"Enrolling him in Cubs was something I was toying with for a while but I worried about whether it would suit him or whether he would be able to cope. However, a Cub Leader we knew through David’s other activities suggested we try just a couple of sessions to start with.

“David just loved it! You could see the happiness on his face. He also formed a really close bond with another child, which also helped.

“The Leaders went out of their way to include David. They learned a bit of sign language and decided to do the Disability Awareness Activity Badge with the group, a couple of weeks after David joined. They will also find ways to tailor activities and badges to David’s needs so he can do the same things as everyone else and will make sure everyone looks at David when they speak to him to make it easier for him to lip read.

“David has flourished since joining Cubs this year. He is far more disciplined now. He understands that what his Leaders say goes! I’ve seen improvements in his behaviour at home too.

“His confidence levels have also gone through the roof! Previously he wouldn’t go near other children because he was afraid they wouldn’t be able to understand them. But in Cubs, the children all make an effort to communicate with him.

“I’ve already recommended Cubs to other parents with disabilities, who are now looking into their own local groups. Personally, I don’t think children with disabilities should be in separate groups. Inclusion is really important for us, and David’s Cubs group offers this.”

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