New Youth Advocacy badge for MSPs

New Youth Advocacy badge for MSPs

22 February 2017

We’re excited to launch a new award exclusively for MSPs who are committed to raising issues related to young people in the Scottish Parliament.

MSPs will be able to earn the new Youth Advocacy Award by completing a number of actions, which have been chosen and designed by young people in Scouting. The award’s requirements include visiting a local a Scout group, learning a skill and talking about young people’s issues in Parliament or in the media.

Presiding Officer Rt Hon Ken Macintosh MSP, who is also the Honorary Vice President of Scouts Scotland, said: “Scouting has long been a way for young people to experience adventures, build friendships and learn new skills. And, as a former Cub Scout, I know what you learn in Scouts stays with you for life. With the launch of this new award, many of our MSPs can show their support for the Scouting movement whilst engaging with young people across Scotland.”

Tudor Westwood, Chair of the National Youth Advisory Group for Scouts Scotland said: “The exciting thing is that this badge encourages politicians to see and engage with, first-hand, the extraordinary work Scouts Scotland does every single day in Scotland. Our Scouts are active citizens and I believe this advocacy award will help to inspire more of our young people to engage with democracy and work towards social change.”

The award is also designed to give politicians a greater insight into the work that all our volunteers undertake on a regular basis all over Scotland.  

Badge requirements

MSPs can earn their award by completing four out of seven requirements. They are:

Visit a local Scout group

Raise issues relating to young people in the Parliament or in the media

Take a Scout group on a tour of the Scottish Parliament

Engage with a Youth Advisory Group at National, Regional or District level

Attend a regional, district, or national scout event and take part in the activities

Learn a skill

Visit a National Activity Centre

To find out more about the Youth Advocacy Award, contact Janis.