New MSYPs elected

New MSYPs elected

29 March 2017

Following a nationwide election, we are delighted to confirm that Logan Fraser and Euan McFadzean have been elected as Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) for the 2017-19 term. 

Logan and Euan will be MSYP-Elect until they attend their first sitting of the Scottish Youth Parliament on 24-25 June when they succeed Molly Kirby and Sorcha Kennedy who have represented Scouts Scotland since June 2015.

Explorer Scouts and members of the Scout Network throughout Scotland were asked to vote for their preferred candidate. We received five times as many votes in 2017 as we did during the last election.

Logan Fraser

Logan is a member of Scout Network in Clackmannanshire District and is also an ADC (Youth Involvement) and an Assistant Scout Leader. His priority for the Scottish Youth Parliament is to influence policy that seeks to achieve wider recognition for our badges and awards and our work in communities and to promote the values and advantages of Scouting to all.

Euan McFadzean

Euan is an Explorer Scout in Braid District and seeks to represent the views of our youth members across Scotland using the platform that the Scottish Youth Parliament provides. He intends to be a channel of information in both directions, allowing our youth members to participate meaningfully in discussions on subjects that affect them.

National Youth Advisory Group

Logan and Euan will become ex-officio members of the National Youth Advisory Group led by our Scottish Youth Commissioner Tudor Westwood. The National Youth Advisory Group has representatives from all eight Scottish Regions and as we further develop Regional Youth Advisory Groups and District Youth Advisory Groups, we hope to see more policies of the Scottish Youth Parliament influenced by Scouting at all levels.

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