New Bronze DofE’s Award expedition options

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has launched five new Bronze expedition options as part of a UK-wide trial, following feedback from licensed organisations about the challenges of delivering Bronze-level expeditions.

Scouts Scotland in consultation with the Scout Association has agreed to trial just three of the proposed five options in 2018. When deciding which options to trial, consideration was given to Scouting’s complex structure, our capacity to provide support and member feedback.

Scouts Scotland options

Scouts Scotland DofE Leaders can choose from the following trial options with their Bronze groups:

Option 2: Leader-set generic aim

This option allows expedition groups to have a generic aim set by their Leader. For example, a group might wish to use canoes to explore and research historical buildings on a lake system. With this option, you can run an expedition where some or all of your DofE groups are given a Leader-set generic aim.

Option 4: No presentation

Option 4 removes the requirement for participants to deliver a presentation after they have returned from their journey.

However, the team will still need to have a full debrief with the Assessor immediately after the expedition has taken place. The Assessor will help participants review the expedition and express their feelings and reactions. It will confirm if the expedition has been successful, enable participants to recognise their learning and personal development as individuals and as a team, and will last between 20-30 minutes. For more advice on how to ensure young people are able to reflect on their experience.

Download the “No presentation debrief guide” 

Option 5: Training

You can run an expedition where the emphasis is on having a particularly robust and thorough training programme and schedule, removing the need for a practice expedition.

The practical training must be comprehensive – meeting the requirements of the DofE’s Bronze Expedition Training Framework – and includes participants carrying all of their equipment when journeying, putting up and taking down a tent, and cooking a hot meal. It is not necessary for the training to have an overnight stay; however participants need to understand the level of fitness required for a two-day expedition as well as the practical skill of time management.

It’s important to remember that you are still responsible for ensuring that participants are adequately trained to safely undertake a qualifying expedition.

This option can work well if you are looking to reduce the cost of a Bronze Expedition section and increase capacity or reduce the commitment required by Leaders by removing the need for a practice expedition to be planned, funded and managed.

Joining the Bronze Expedition section options trial

If you’d like to use these trial options, please discuss and agree with your Regional DofE Adviser, by whatever process you have in place to do this.

If your Regional DofE Adviser agrees, confirm your option choices and expeditions by email to

Please copy in: and

Once your group has completed their expedition, you will be asked to provide feedback on the objectives of the trial and any impact on the outcomes of the Expedition section. Remember to highlight any achievements or difficulties they experienced along the way.

Approved Activity Providers (AAPs)

AAPs can provide expeditions using the trial options but it is still the responsibility of the Licensed Organisation (LO) to approve. Therefore, when using an AAP, members can only request expeditions which meet the trial options the Scout Association has opted into. Equally, individuals cannot book onto expeditions with AAPs that are trialling options that the Scout Association have chosen not to sign up to.

Chief Scout’s Platinum Award

Anyone who completes their Bronze DofE’s Award using these options will still be eligible to use this towards their Chief Scout’s Platinum Award. If a young person completes their Bronze DofE’s Award with another licensed organisation, using any of the options that we have chosen to not trial then they this will still count towards their Chief Scout’s Platinum Award.

More Information

Find out more about the Bronze Expedition trial.