Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek. This year’s theme is loneliness. 

Loneliness is affecting more and more people in the UK, having an impact on both physical and mental health. Connecting with friends, family and community is an important factor in protecting mental health for both adults and young people.

During the pandemic Leaders and supporters across the country worked tirelessly to keep connected with young people. It's great to see so many members returning to halls and campsites. 

Scouting provides a great opportunity to connect and engage with others which has a huge impact on good mental health. Many young people may not have had the opportunity our members had during the pandemic.

Group Activities

So why not have a 'bring a friend' night for your section to help other young people connect in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment where they’re given opportunities they might not have anywhere else? 

Together we can combat loneliness and support good mental health for all our members, young and old alike. Follow the links below for programme ideas to connect with others and get people talking about mental health.