Managers and Supporters Training Updates

Managers and Supporters Training Updates

19 January 2021

There have been some changes to Adult training for 2021, so to make it easy to keep track of, we've gathered the most important information into one place. 

Manager and Supporter Training Guide

The Manager and Supporter Training guide has been updated with the recent changes and can be found here. This guide provides an overview of the modules required for your role, information to help with your training, and ideas for validation.

Adult Training Website

There has also been some changes to the Adult training website, which you can find here.

The resources are divided into Learners and Trainers and cover the training requirements for the role, PLPs, training materials, and guidance for Training Advisers (TA)s. For TAs, the validation guides for all the modules can be found as a list here.

Advisers (TAs) Support Event

We're hoping to deliver a virtual event to find out what support TAs need to help them with their role. To help with the planning, it would be helpful if you could send any suggestions you have to

Plans are also in place to deliver Module 25: Assessing Learning. More information will be sent out once arrangements have been made.

Safety and Safeguarding

Thank you for your efforts to reduce the number of outstanding training modules - we appreciate your efforts now more than ever!  

Some work is still required to get the necessary training completed and validated on Compass. Have a look at your Compass record and check to see you have nothing outstanding. If you do, contact your Training Adviser or your ADC(AT) or the ARC(AT) who will be able to support you as required.