Make your camp memories last a lifetime

Make your camp memories last a lifetime

06 June 2017

Make your memories last forever the next time you visit Fordell Firs or Lochgoilhead National Activity Centre by sharing your story on one of our new memory walls.

The Fordell Firs “Campfire Stories” wall or the Lochgoilhead “My Adventure” wall offer the perfect way for you to share your experience with others. You could tell the story of the memory of your first cub camp, your first expedition as a leader or your region’s 100th visit to the centre. Or, you could simply tell everyone what an amazing camp you had!

Each wall has a number of spaces available to preserve your experience in our living history.

Each individual memory space costs £5.00 and larger groups memories costs £50.00. 

For each space purchased, you not only become part of the National Activity Centre’s history but you will also receive a special commemorative certificate.

To be among the first to purchase your space speak to someone on site the next time you visit or contact Ally Caulfield.