Join our Board of Trustees

Join our Board of Trustees

04 June 2019

Our Board of Trustees is the body responsible for the strategic development, policy and management of Scouts Scotland.  As part of a large Scottish charity, our Trustees apply their skills and knowledge to support Scouting and make a massive difference to the lives of young people across Scotland.

Join our Board of Trustees

We are currently looking for new Trustees to join our Board.

This year we will be seeking nominations for three trustee vacancies.  Any Scouts Scotland member over the age of 18 can apply. That includes Leaders, Executive Committee Members, and Networkers among others. 

You don’t need any specific skills, although we’d love to see some candidates with experience in finance, HR, legal affairs, project management, health and safety, or safeguarding.

We’d also really love to see applications from women, young people under 25, and people from BME communities to make sure our Board of Trustees is more representative of our membership.

Why should I get involved?

Our elected member positions are for members of Scouts Scotland, so if that’s you, we know that you’re already passionate about what we do.  You know that Scouting gives young people the best possible start in life, and experiences and opportunities that they just wouldn’t get anywhere else.

We are making great progress with our strategy – Skills for Life – and by becoming a Trustee, you would play a leading role in ensuring that more young people in Scotland can access better futures.

Becoming a Trustee is also a great way to gain new skills and experience that can help you to develop your own career.  It also looks great on your CV!

Find out more about the Trustee's role

Who can apply?

Eligible candidates must be:

Aged 18+ on 15 September 2019 

A current member of Scouts Scotland

Supported in writing by any two members of Scouts Scotland

Not disqualified from being a charity trustee by virtue of the Charities Act. 

Please note that elected member vacancies do have some geographic restrictions.  

Find more about the process for being elected on the nominations website

Nominations, and proposer and seconder statements, must be submitted online no later than Wednesday 17 July 2019.