Is your training up to date?

Is your training up to date?

31 July 2023

Blog written by Ann Gordon, Scotland Commissioner (Adult Training)

Getting Started

Have you been in your current role for more than 6 months? Yes – have you completed your Getting Started training? All adults should complete their Getting Started training within 6 months of their appointment. With the changes due to happen in 2024 it is important that everyone who is currently in a role has completed Getting Started before the transfer to the new system. If you are not sure, check your compass record to ensure the following is validated and marked complete:

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3 (section leaders only)
Module 4 (managers & supporters only)

Manager and Supporter Training

Our new calendar for manager and supporter training is available on Scouts Scotland website and you can register to attend any of the courses.

Achieving Growth – help with recruiting and retain adults to your team and how to create a development plan for your group/district/region.

Meeting the Challenges – essential learning for all managers including how to deal with complaints, how to manage disputes and how to conduct success reviews with members of your team.

Skills of Management – an introduction to building successful teams, ensuring new team members have a good induction and the importance of good communication.

These courses are open to all managers and supporters – if you already have a manager wood badge they can also act as ongoing learning. Each course is being run 3 times between October 2023 and May 2024 (twice in person and once online). You can find the booking forms and further information here.

Help and Support

If you have any questions or need any help with training, please contact your local Assistant District Commissioner (Adult Training) or Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training). You can also find more information on training here.