Help create safer streets for A Million Hands

Help create safer streets for A Million Hands

If you’re addressing the issue of disability for your a Million Hands project, you can get involved with an exciting opportunity from Guide Dogs to help create safer streets for people with sight loss.

The charity Guide Dogs wants safer streets for everyone – and we’re excited that Scouts Scotland is helping us. We campaign alongside people with sight loss for the rights that many sighted people take for granted. Our Streets Ahead campaign aims to tackle the obstacles that people who are blind or partially sighted often find on the UK’s streets, whether that’s because of the way a street is designed, or because there’s too much street furniture cluttering up the pavements.

Scouts of all ages can make a difference by supporting our Streets Ahead campaign. We need you to identify the issues and challenges that people with sight loss face in your communities.

Choose Disability and the “Safer Street Party” as your national moment of action, hold an event, and organise activities that bring people together to chat about what you’ve learned from your surveys and questionnaires. You can then use the information to successfully change the landscape for those with sight loss both in your own communities and nationally. You may like to invite people with sight loss to your events, plus nearby residents, local business people, the council, media, and don’t forget Guide Dogs’ local campaigners.

It’s easy to understand how badly action is needed when you read a quote from someone with sight loss from one of our surveys: “I frequently find that the position the bin men leave the wheelie bins in once they’ve emptied them causes me problems, such as having to go onto the road or weave around the bins to avoid them.”

Every hour, another person in the UK goes blind. When someone loses their sight, you can help Guide Dogs be there to make sure they don’t lose their freedom as well. Start your journey now by getting in touch with Guide Dogs to see if there’s a speaker in your area, or some guidance on which A Million Hands tasks you could do with your group.

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