Get ready for the 2019 Census

Get ready for the 2019 Census

14 January 2019

2019 Census deadlines are coming up next month. Are you ready to submit your data on time?

Please make sure you have prepared the details of sections, numbers and ages of youth members and details and numbers of leaders and committee members.


Passwords to access the Census website will be distributed soon. Group Scout Leaders, District Explorer Commissioners, District Scout Network Commissioners, District Commissioners, Regional Commissioners, and District and Regional Secretaries will all receive log-in details.


Please make sure you upload your data by the following dates:

  • Group data - 4 February 2019
  • District data - 11 February 2019
  • Region data¬† - 25 February 2019

Tips and advice

Please double check the accuracy of the postcodes of your meeting place(s). We use this information for development purposes and to support our grant giving processes.

Make sure that the correct number of Sections are recorded for the Group and this information is linked to the Sections noted on Compass.

Group, District, Region Office Bearers and Executive Committee members

Please remember that office bearers (Chairs, Secretaries and Treasurers) at Group, District and Regional levels, in accordance with POR, must be at least Associate Members of The Scout Association and should be recorded on Compass and returned on the Census.

All Executive Committee members at all levels are to be Members or Associate Members and must be recorded on Compass and returned on the census.

Membership fee timetable 2019

The membership subscription rate set for Scotland and approved at our Annual General Meeting this year is £28.00. To qualify for a rebate of 50p for each youth member the membership subscriptions must reach Scottish Headquarters by 22 March 2019.


If you have any queries with the census you should initially approach your District or Regional Secretary.