Funding for growth opportunities

Funding for growth opportunities

10 February 2020

Now that we've completed the census, you may have become aware of opportunities to grow your membership and are looking at ways to do so.

Are thinking about recruiting young people to an existing Section or opening a new Section and want to advertise? Maybe you need more volunteers and want to organise a community event or work with a local Duke of Edinburgh’s Award/ Saltire Awards provider to encourage their participants to become Young Leaders.

Your membership numbers might be great, but you want to explore ways to ensure that young people are not lost as they move between Sections - retaining what we have is as important as bringing in new members!

However you plan on growing your Section, we know that it can cost. To help out, we have grant funding available to help you with your growth goals! No request is too small, and we will consider all applications!

How do I apply?

It's easy! You can find guidance and the application form here

If you need some inspiration, tools, tips or techniques to grow your membership, check out