Funding boost to support and grow local Scouting

Funding boost to support and grow local Scouting

27 April 2018

We’re really excited to announce that the Scottish Board has agreed an exciting series of projects, funded by legacies, that will support the future of Scouting in Scotland. 

Over the past two years we have received more than £600,000 in legacies, and the Board has agreed an initial investment of £218,000 in projects that will support local Scouting and help deliver our new strategy to 2023.

Moray Macdonald, Chair of the Scottish Board said:

“This money will play an important role in helping more young people in Scotland access opportunities through Scouting to develop important life skills. The Scottish Board is extremely grateful to our donors for this legacy funding.”

Graham Haddock, Chief Commissioner said:

“This investment will give a welcome boost to the future of Scouting at a local level, offering significant opportunity to support Leaders to continue to deliver amazing experiences for young people.”

Funding priorities

Priorities for the funding will be given to growth and development of Scouting on the ground and investment in our Scottish Scout Adventures Centres to support the delivery of high-quality outdoor adventure.

New projects

Specific projects to benefit from the funds will include:

Local development resources 

We have already seen that Local Development Officers are a highly effective way to recruit new volunteers and establish new sections. Some of the legacy funding will be used to expand this network of development officers and support set-up costs, training and residential experiences for new groups.

Growth and Development Officers

We will appoint Growth and Development Officers to deliver sustainable growth plans across the country. Initially, we will focus this investment in remote and rural areas in the North East and Highlands and Islands.

Borders District Development project

We are working with Borders District to grow and develop Scouting in the area, including the appointment of a Local Development Officer in Borders District and a fund to support accessibility, participation, leader development, programme, and buildings.

Scouts Scotland travel fund

The cost of travel can be a barrier to groups who wish to access the outdoor residential experiences, which play such an important role in developing young people. This new fund will help our groups travel beyond their local area to experience camps and outdoor adventure at our Scottish Scout Adventures Centres.

Scouts Scotland grants scheme

We are improving our grants scheme to help make it easier for our members to apply for funding. The legacy funding means we will be able to offer grants that will support projects targeting Scouting in areas of deprivation, programme activities, and to help with some of the costs of updating our new brand locally. Look out for more information about the roll-out of this in June.

Investment in outdoor adventure

Some of our legacy funding will be used to develop and improve facilities at our Scottish Scout Adventures centres, to help ensure young people can enjoy inspiring outdoors experiences.

This is just the first round of projects that have been agreed by the Scottish Board from the legacies, and consideration will be given to how the remaining funds will be spent over the coming years to continue investing in the future of Scouting in Scotland.

Sustainable investment

To achieve the maximum benefit from this legacy funding, we will be looking for opportunities to match fund this money as part of our fundraising strategy.

Find out more about legacy funding.