From Cubs to Eagle Champions: Celebrating our support of conservation in the South of Scotland

From Cubs to Eagle Champions: Celebrating our support of conservation in the South of Scotland

01 July 2024

Did you know that Cubs across Scotland played a vital role in supporting a project that’s bringing Golden Eagles back to the skies of Southern Scotland? 

The South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project, which is now concluding its mission, has been working since 2018 to reintroduce these magnificent birds by carefully relocating young eagles from the Highlands and Islands to suitable habitats in the south. But this project's success wouldn't have been possible without the amazing support of the community, and that's where our Cubs came in! 

Since 2022, we've partnered with the project’s Eagle Champions outreach programme, which has seen over 900 young people across Scotland learn about Golden Eagles and the important role they play in our ecosystem. An incredible 745 Eagle Champion badges were awarded, showcasing the dedication and enthusiasm our Cubs brought to this important initiative. 

The Eagle Champion badge challenged Cub groups to complete three activities, with the South of Scotland Eagle Project team even visiting some groups to introduce the project and get them started on their first activity. 

But our contribution went beyond badges! In 2022, young members across the country had the incredible opportunity to name one of the young male eagles. The winning name was Thistle.  

Thistle is now thriving in his new home, a testament to the project's success. He is spotted now and then exploring the Moffat Hills and spreading his majestic wings across the southern skies. 

As the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project concludes, we at Scouts Scotland are incredibly proud of how many young people have been educated about conservation and these amazing birds of prey. A huge thank you to the project team for their dedication, and a high five to all the Scouts who took part in this remarkable effort! Their contributions will make sure that future generations can appreciate these magnificent birds soaring high above the southern Scottish landscape.