Five ways the outdoors can boost exam revision

Five ways the outdoors can boost exam revision

We are passionate about the role the outdoors can play in helping a young person’s academic potential, as well as their personal development.

That’s why our Scout Adventures Lochgoilhead centre offers study weeks or weekends to schools who want to give their young people the best chance of exam success. Not everyone has access to a comfortable, quiet space for study, free of life’s distractions, so our dedicated study residentials offer well-equipped classrooms for group study and access to outdoor activities for well-earned breaks.

There are so many ways spending time outdoors can boost a young person’s chances of better exam performance in many ways. Here are our top five.

Reducing stress

So many studies confirm that simply being outside in nature can reduce stress levels. In 2010 a study published in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine revealed that a simple stroll in the forest can lower blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Which is great news for visitors to Lochgoilhead, as we have a forest right on our doorstep.

More opportunities to be active

Being outdoors usually involves physical activity, whether that’s a casual stroll through a park or a two-hour hike. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise can improve memory and concentration. Many famous thinkers swear by the power of a walk for generating ideas and boosting creativity too.

Time away from technology

We can’t vouch for the 4G connection in the woods, but it’s safe to say that endless social media notifications can be a distraction from study. Being outside can help us to break our dependence on our smartphones and focus more on our goals.

A change of scene

Staring at the same four walls for hours on end is rarely inspiring. When the brain gets stuck on a problem, nature always offers a more stimulating environment for thinking.

Fresh air

Ever feel stifled after being stuck indoors for too long? You’re not imagining it. There’s lots of research to say that a good old-fashioned dose of fresh air increases energy, makes you feel happier and boosts your immune system. The perfect antidote to exam cramming!

Book an outdoors study weekend

For young people who face barriers to achieving academic success, a study weekend in the outdoors can offer genuine support and can contribute to attainment.

Does your school have Pupil Equity Funding you need to spend? Talk to us about how we can help your school deliver a study weekend to help boost attainment levels.


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