Exam Results Stress - Top Tips

Exam Results Stress - Top Tips

03 August 2020

Our Scouts Scotland Commissioner for Inclusion, Alan Freeburn, has shared some tips on dealing with the stress of exam results. 


It’s really easy to get stressed when we think about exam results, but this is just one moment in time. You are so much more than the total of your results. There will be other opportunities.

Getting a good night’s sleep before results day will help you better cope with anxiety on the day.
Make a note of your worries in a notepad or diary. Sometimes just getting them out of your head can help.

If you’re worried about your results, talk to someone you trust. Don’t keep those worries bottled up, we just go over them in our heads and make the anxiety worse.

Practise a breathing exercise to lower the anxiety you feel in your body and to give you something else to focus on. Breathe slowly in through your nose for a count of three, and slowly out of your mouth for a count of five. Practise this for a few minutes at a time until it begins to take effect.

Go for a mindful walk and notice the sights and sounds of nature around you. Be in the moment.

Make a plan for after you get your results, whichever way it goes. Keep busy, be around others, do something enjoyable.

Although it’s better to anticipate good results, it might help to have an idea of what you want to do if it doesn’t all go your way. Will school appeal? Can you talk to the Careers Adviser? Have you thought of an alternative pathway to get where you want to? If you’re leaving school, do you know what to do to access clearing for university? Or have you thought about employment or volunteering? Or taking a gap year?

If you don’t get the results you want it will feel hard right now. Take support from friends and family, talk to school, look for alternative ways to get to where you want, take some time out to consider new options. Just remember there is support around for you.