Completing Beavers 101 at home

Completing Beavers 101 at home

28 July 2020

In May we launched "Beavers 101 a summer of fun"- 101 activities that Beavers can complete at home. We caught up with Samantha, a mum from Edinburgh. She told us how her sons are getting on with completing the challenge, but also how it's helped her as a working mum through the lockdown. 

 “Bored, bored, bored”…..

Its shortly after 9am on a wet Monday morning. The kids are bored already, and to be honest I am too. I’ve been up since 5am putting in the hours at my work before I pick up the childcare baton from my husband. Shift change. The school is doing an amazing job at putting up suggestions for numeracy and literacy, but at this many weeks into lock down, I know that whatever is posted my kids will engage for short period of time, and then the mantra of ‘Boring’, shortly followed by ‘I hate you!”, will follow. I reach for my phone and search social media for that post I saw recently…

On Friday 29th May Scouts Scotland posted their first 1 – 20 activities of Beavers 101: A Summer of Fun. As a family we enjoy a challenge, and a ready made list of wide ranging ideas was ideal for parents juggling work, childcare and home schooling; particularly one that expands week on week. By the time Scouts Scotland posted up their challenges 81 – 101, we had 26 challenges under our belt and were thinking how we could tackle some more over the summer.

101 may seem daunting but having been through the list many times, they are pinned to the fridge door, they are not impossible.  Some are quick wins, 20 star jumps for example, while others are part of our daily lives, phone a family member.  There are some that we have built a day around, walking up one of our local hills to climb as high as Edinburgh Castle, and others that have led to new skills, sewing bookmarks .  Yet, all have in common the wide ranging fun activities that Beavers has to offer.   Not a ‘boring’ in sight! 

If you haven’t yet looked for yourself, I would encourage you too. Many of the activities require little resources or planning, and can be interpreted in a way that suits your family.

Will we make it through all of them? It’s possible. The older son is keen to aim for his Gold and complete all 101, but I suspect may struggle with the shoe laces. Two new skills to be learned there, and the harder one for him will be perseverance. The younger son is less competitive by nature and is likely to stop at Bronze, but for a wee six year old who has spent a year listening to big brother share tall tales, has very much enjoyed being part of it all.

Thank you Scout Scotland for creating a list of 101 Definitely not Boring things to engage our younger members. And a personal thank you for that post on that particular Monday, when things were just beginning to tumble…

If you are thinking about taking on Beavers 101 the link it below