Community impact training inspires volunteers

19 June 2017

This month, adult volunteers from all over Scotland took part in a community impact training day to learn more about how to build community work into the weekly programme.

The Community Impact Support Day, held at Fordell Firs National Activity Centre, looked at what community impact means and how to include it in a weekly programme, covering measurement and sources of support.

Community Impact Project Lead Callum Holt said:

“It was inspiring to hear multiple stories of what these volunteers had already achieved without realising it was a form of community impact, and see them focus on building on what they had already done to make a greater difference."

Representatives from some of our A Million Hands partners also attended the day. Volunteers met Guide Dog owner Lee, who has worked with young people in and out of Scouting to raise awareness of and take action on the barriers created by society.

“Lee’s stories of young people making lots of little differences in their local street, or changing their behaviours when out in public to create a more friendly environment for those with sight loss were fantastic real life examples of the difference young people can make working in partnership with adults,” said Callum.

Participants ended the day by setting two targets that they want to achieve within the next six months. We are looking forward to seeing those targets reached!

Attend our next event

This support day is being scheduled again for the end of 2017 or beginning 2018. If you would like to attend or if you’re interested in seeing this event delivered locally, please get in touch.