Census 2018

16 January 2018

Census deadlines are in February. Are you ready to return your data on time?

Log-in details to access the census website have been circulated to each District. Group Scout Leaders and District Explorer Scout Commissioners have also received the log-in information.

If your group does not have log-in details, please contact your District Secretary in the first instance.


The dates for material to be submitted are: 

Group info entered on census website: 5 February 2018

District info entered on census website: 12 February 2018

Region info entered on census website: 22 February 2018


Please try to submit information as accurately and promptly as possible. A sound baseline of data is vital as we move towards a new strategy.

You need to record all Members and Associate Members, including Group Executive Members. Each person should only be included once, and for adult Members who hold more than one role, record them in their primary role.

You will note that this year there are also questions about the number of top awards (to help provide baseline data), how records are managed and adult support to your section.

Please ensure that accurate numbers are submitted. If you are submitting data for more than one Section, remember to make sure you submit each one individually to the Census (and that they have a separate Compass entry).

Some data has already been entered on to the census website and it is hoped that all data will be submitted by the due dates.

We'd like to thank everyone for working on this year's Census.

Membership subscriptions

The membership subscription rate set for Scotland, based on the number of paying members (that is Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers) and approved at our Annual General Meeting this year is £27.00. To qualify for a rebate of 50p for each youth member the membership subscriptions must reach Scottish Headquarters by 26 March 2018 and your District and Region will give guidance on dates for submission to them.

Get in touch

If you have any further questions about the 2018 census, please get in touch with Alan Willoughby.