Case Study | Beavers Sleepover at Meggernie

Case Study | Beavers Sleepover at Meggernie

20 August 2018

Our Scout Adventures centres offer some great indoor options for taking younger sections away on their first Nights Away adventure. We spoke to Beaver Scout Leader Jo about her experience of organising a sleepover at Scout Adventures Meggernie.

 “I think it’s important for younger children to experience a night away from home. It helps build their independence and confidence, plus the camaraderie amongst the group is great for developing their social skills.

“We’ve been going to Meggernie’s Beaver Picnics since they started and never missed a year, so we thought it would be quite nice to have a sleepover running on to this year’s picnic. It worked really well because it removed some of the pressure of organising a full programme.

“We had a group of 14 and we slept in the farmhouse accommodation. We were able to split our group into the boys’ and girls’ rooms easily.

The Beavers loved their rooms and the bunk beds. They were very excited about it all!

“We didn’t have time for lots of activities but we booked the traversing and did some Frisbee Golf. It’s a brilliant space for doing that! We had a campfire in the evening and a bit of time for some grass sledging before the picnic.

“We’ve been working on our Outdoor Challenge and Adventure Challenge over the last term, and we were able to tick off many of the badge’s requirement. They did things like washed up their own dishes. They were able to tick off some of the campcraft, and they achieved the Nights Away part.

"I’d absolutely recommend Meggernie as a camp venue to Beaver Scout Leaders. There is so much open space for young people – you’re not stuck to one small area like you can be with some other places. You’ve got a lot more to work with at Meggernie – lots of different areas you can use.

“There really isn’t anywhere else like it. It just has a special atmosphere and fantastic scenery. It’s lovely.”

The farmhouse accommodation at Meggernie sleeps 30 in 7 bedrooms but you can also choose to camp outside instead. Look out for the date of the next Beavers picnic at Meggernie on our website and on social media. 

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