Blog | Top tips for planning an Explorers' summer camp

Blog | Top tips for planning an Explorers' summer camp

14 June 2017

If you are planning your first summer camp as an Explorer Scout, you might not be sure where to start. We asked Scott, our SHQ Commissioner (Explorers) to come up with some top tips for planning an Explorers Summer Camp. 

Try to plan at least one year in advance.

Have a clear idea of what type of camp you’d like to organise and what your objectives are. For example are there any specific badges or skills you’d like to achieve during the camp?

Think about how long you’d like your camp to be. Five nights? A week? A weekend?

Plan where you’d like your camp to be and how you are going to get there.

Have a set budget in mind and stick to it.

Create a schedule to help you organise the camp in the weeks and months leading up to the event itself. Download our Ultimate Summer Camp Planning Checklist to guide you. 

If you’re going abroad make sure you check out the Visit Abroad process, which you’ll find on the Scouts Scotland website.

Think about what equipment you might need for your group and plan how you’re going to source the appropriate equipment for your needs (giving consideration to your budget – see point three!).

You’ll need to eat during your camp, so plan your catering in advance. For example, think about how much food you’ll need, how you’ll cook and prepare this and who will be responsible for this.

Plan your ideal event programme but also be prepared to have a plan B in case the weather isn’t kind to you.

Make provisions for first aid during the camp. Do some research into what you should include in a first aid kit and appoint a camp first aider.

If you’ve opted for greenfield camping, think about how you’ll maintain hygiene standards during the camp.

Make sure you have emergency contact details for all participants and have a system for communicating with parents and carers during your camp. We recommend the InTouch system.

Ensure you gather and record information about dietary requirements and medical conditions for all participants and leaders attending.

Camps should be inclusive. Find out if any camp participants have additional support needs and make sure there are plans in place to support them.

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