Blog | Scouts Community Month

Blog | Scouts Community Month

October is Scouts Community Month where we celebrate all of the work that Scouts do in their communities across Scotland.

We caught up with Marc Sermanni, a Young Leader from Inverclyde, who sits on the UK Community Impact Group (CIG). The CIG is a group of young people who have been helping to develop our new A Million Hands themes. He told us why Community Impact is so important to Scouting. 

"Scouts have always been at the heart of their communities, bringing people together and tackling social change. While the issues may have changed our desire to leave the world a better place remains constant.

"For me, Community Impact is a really good way for young people in Scouts to discover what issues they find important and then develop the skills they need to make an impact on that issue. This will have a wider effect on their community as they tackle that topic head-on. This could be anything from learning about mental health and the impact it has on young people or showing kindness in every community to help improve the lives of those affected by crisis.

"As a Young Leader, I recently ran the Nature Seek activity, with my Beaver group. This helped them to understand their local biodiversity and how they can improve the area that they live in. I can’t wait to see what they plan to do next.
"There are loads of helpful resources on the Community Impact page if you are thinking about tackling one of our A Million Hands themes. For me what has made the themes so powerful is that they were chosen by young people; so please do talk to the young people in your group and find out what is important to them because I think that is where we will have the biggest impact."

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Scouting offers lots of opportunities for young people or adults to volunteer and contribute in positive ways to our community. 

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