Blog | Scottish Young Carers Festival at Fordell Firs

Blog | Scottish Young Carers Festival at Fordell Firs

25 September 2019

Summer 2019 saw the Scottish Young Carers Festival return to Scout Adventures Fordell Firs in Dunfermline for a second year.

For 12 years, SYCF has brought young people together from across Scotland, all of whom have caring responsibilities for a family member or friend. Young carers can face many challenges as a result of their additional responsibilities; responsibilities that their peers often don’t encounter until later in life. To recognise the incredible efforts of young carers, and to thank them for their contributions, the Scottish Government funds the Festival event, delivered by Carers Trust Scotland.

The event is packed with exciting activities, including a range of exhilarating adventure activities provided by the Scouts. Young people had a wonderful time crushing their fear of heights on the Jacob’s Ladder, encouraged each other to take the plunge on the 3G swing, and worked as a team on crate climbing and the challenge course. The Scout leaders were friendly, encouraging, and as one of our participants said: "the staff know how to make you smile".

"the staff know how to make you smile"

Fordell Firs is the perfect setting to welcome 300 young people for a two-night stay. Surrounded by lush greenery, you feel as though you are a million miles from anywhere. In reality, Fordell Firs is ideally located on the outskirts of Dunfermline, making it easily accessible by car or public transport. On-site parking ensured we could provide spaces for all of our guests, and there was plenty of space for the visiting food trucks and ice cream vans as well.

The versatile space is perfect for providing both high energy and more relaxed activities. There is plenty of indoor space available, and more was easily created with marquees. For those taking a break from abseiling or the zipline, there was plenty to enjoy from arts and crafts activities to visits from exotic animals. There was even a glam bus to kit everyone out with glitter and truly embrace the Festival spirit!

No matter your interests, there was an activity to suit. From the MSPs that joined in on the fun, to the activity providers and the young people themselves, all agreed that Fordell Firs was an excellent festival site. It was big enough to accommodate all of our guests and create a brilliant atmosphere, but with plenty of quiet spaces offering respite from the buzz. Fordell Firs an ideal choice for the Scottish Young Carers Festival and we hope to return soon!

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