Blog | Our DofE expedition at Lochgoilhead

Blog | Our DofE expedition at Lochgoilhead

08 February 2018

Top awards like the Queen’s Scout Award and the DofE’s Award offer many young people the opportunity to not only develop skills for life but also add some valuable experience to CVs or university applications. In particular, the expedition element, required for both these awards, can be a life-changing experience for young people, teaching them endurance, planning, teamwork, and giving them the chance to put many outdoors skills into practice, but it’s not always easy for Scout Leaders to deliver.

Aberdeen Scout Leader Charles Lowe has been supporting young people in Scouting through their DofE’s Award for many years. He tells us why he takes his DofE groups to Scout Adventures Lochgoilhead for their Bronze, Silver and Gold expeditions.

“We offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme to our youth members because it helps enormously to progress them through to the Explorer Scout Section and counts towards other top awards in Scouting, such as the Platinum and Diamond Chief Scout Awards and the Queen’s Scout Award. It also helps with young people’s employment and higher education prospects and attracts new people to our group.

Activity weekends

 “We’ve been going to Lochgoilhead for activity weekends with Scouts for many years now but it was only recently I learned that Lochgoilhead can support DofE expeditions. Now, when we go on our annual Scouts activity weekend, we also take our DofE group who can do their expedition at the same time. 

“The young people enjoy the journey to Lochgoilhead, seeing the different scenery and hills – quite different from the Grampian Mountains! When they did their Bronze expedition, they found it quite challenging – the walking, keeping notes and records, and the camping. But when they returned for their Silver expedition, it became a bit easier because they already knew the routine!”

All-round support

“We asked Lochgoilhead to help with the expedition because it’s something we can’t do. It’s a big problem for us. If it wasn’t for Lochgoilhead I don’t know what we’d do. We’d probably need to use a local provider in Aberdeen, and there aren’t many around. Plus, our Scouts would end up doing expeditions in areas they are already familiar with, so it wouldn’t be as challenging an experience for them.

“The Lochgoilhead team does everything. The staff are very knowledgeable, especially when it comes to the paperwork, issuing the equipment and food, post-expedition reports and assessing the group. They certainly know their stuff! We just go there, pay the money and everything’s done!”

Expedition packages at Lochgoilhead

Do you work with a group of young people who’d benefit from the challenge of an expedition? Scout Adventures Lochgoilhead can support expeditions for the Queen’s Scout Award and Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE’s Award expeditions, from paperwork and planning to equipment hire and assessment.

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